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The first piece of jewelry I bought served to honor my late Mother and remind me of an important lesson she taught me.  To value myself.  The first piece of jewelry I designed was with my Mom's diamonds, and I hope to pass the ring down to my daughter so she will hold a piece of her grandmother with her always.

I fell in love with designing unique jewelry pieces nobody else had.  I was lucky to meet a saleswoman who not only encouraged my design ideas but made me feel welcome and empowered.  She works for a jeweler who is willing to go to great lengths to help me make my pieces exactly as I envision them, and goes out of his way for me, which makes me feel like part of his jewelry family.

I like the idea that my jewelry reminds women that they can buy themselves something gorgeous without waiting for someone to buy it for them.  My pieces are designed to be worn daily as well as be priced in a range that makes them life enhancing and not life changing.  But of course, gifts are always welcome!   

Let's create memories together!

A special thank you to Mariloff Diamonds for making my designs possible and perfect!

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